We design, fabricate, install and maintain complete fire protection systems for virtually all commercial markets for every stage of a building’s life cycle.


Whether suburban or urban, high rise or garden, we make sure every apartment community and every unit is protected from fires, providing residents with peace of mind and operators with a secure investment. Our comprehensive services provide professional guidance from pre-construction to operation.


A variety of stored products, some of which are highly combustible, coupled with low operating temperatures can sometimes make Freezer fire protection a challenge – but not for us! We are extremely skilled, knowledgeable and experienced in designing, installing and maintaining the special fire protection systems for these facilities because we complete several of these large projects each year.


In the world of retail, we understand that time is money. If you are building a new store, renovating an existing space, adding to an existing space or just updating current fire protection systems, we realize you need a speedy partner who can get you open for business and keep you up and running. At Century, we provide fire protection services for a single location or a chain of retail stores to keep merchandise and shoppers safe.


Low, medium and high rise commercial buildings have their own fire protection needs. We work in all scenarios and understand the codes and requirements to help keep your facilities and tenants safe. At Century, we partner with leading equipment manufacturers to put the best systems and equipment in facilities to meet the needs of the structure and tenant type. When it comes to servicing existing systems, we work closely with property owners and managers to ensure building operations and tenants are not disrupted.


There is a reason data centers are referred to as mission critical. We realize that all components must operate each and every day, without exception, interruption or incident and that holds true for the fire protection systems as well. You can rely on us as your fire protection partner to help you protect your firewalls from a fire-related event.


Across industries—whether it’s a small businesses or global enterprises, Century Fire Protection provides the knowledge, collaboration and service necessary to complete even the most daunting fire protection projects, while helping customers maintain business continuity. Our intense attention-to-detail, vast experience and ability to work in occupied spaces ensure that all elements come together for optimal quality, performance and compliance.


Government facilities, local and federal, have a wide range of hazards. Additionally, the facilities are a major investment that must be maintained. We help keep government facilities and employees safe by installing fire protection systems and maintaining them with longevity and total cost of ownership in mind. 


Healthcare is a large industry full of unique spaces requiring special hazards and alarms as well as comprehensive fire protection systems. Century Fire works with all types of healthcare clients, from hospitals and clinics to pharmacies and doctors’ offices to senior living facilities and nursing homes to determine their needs during project development. We help maintain the facilities during operations to ensure compliance with fire codes while fulfilling Joint Commission requirements.


At Century, we leverage our expertise in fire protection to help colleges and universities determine the best strategy for minimizing budget and maximizing results for their fire protection systems and equipment. From campus computing centers and state-of-the-art research labs to student housing and dining facilities, we provide comprehensive services to keep students, faculty and staff safe on campuses around the Southeast.


Warehouses of all shapes and sizes need to keep their contents and workers safe from fires and the frequency in which products arrive and depart add another layer of risk. Our in-house design, fabrication, installation and maintenance resources allow us to provide a single-source solution that bridges the gap between concept and finished product in rapid fashion for all your fire protection needs.


The Power Generation industry is undergoing a transformation and current demands are changing the way facilities and assets are managed. Century Fire Protection can develop fire protection solutions to meet the special requirements and unique demands of Power Generation facilities.


We truly have a passion for fire protection, keeping your people and property safe.