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Which is better, Automatic Fire Sprinklers or Clean Agent Fire Suppression?

Preaction Automatic Sprinkler versus Clean Agent Fire Suppression for High Value and Mission Critical Assets Well as the old saying goes, you can’t compare apples to oranges. Oh and by the way, we need both! In most cases, automatic sprinklers and clean agent fire suppression systems are used for completely different purposes. To control the fire in order to save lives and the building structure To extinguish the fire completely in order to save critical equipment or assets Most of our customers in mission critical Continue reading →

The Water Must Flow! – MIC and Your Fire Sprinkler System

The water must flow! Pipe obstructions and internal corrosion spell danger for sprinkler systems and can prevent systems from operating effectively or even at all. Why do I need a 5 year internal inspection of my sprinkler system? Isn’t that part of the annual inspection? Is this really necessary?             Customers ask us these questions every single day. I always answer by stating that pipe obstruction is becoming a bigger issue every day because we are finding more and more Continue reading →

Our People: Special Hazards Silverback, Ed Cone

People.  That’s really what makes (or breaks) an organization, isn’t it? Who wants to work with someone they don’t like? Not me! So what kind of people are you working with when you work with Century Fire Protection? To answer that, we’ll be posting a series of blogs over the next few months that profile our team so you can get to know us. We’re starting with one of my friends and a “silverback” in our industry, Ed Cone. Among other things Ed is an Air Continue reading →

Honesty & Your Fire Protection Contractor

Honesty is such a lonely word… and mostly what you need from your fire protection contractor.   Two things have happened in the last two days which prompted the Billy Joel song “Honesty” to start running through my head. (Non-stop!)               Honesty is such a lonely word             Everyone is so untrue               Honesty is hardly ever heard             And mostly what I need from you       Here’s what happened: A competitor wasn’t honest about their capabilities and might have gained a Continue reading →

The Juggling Act: Managing Your Fire Systems

Managing fire protection compliance for a facility of any size or type can be a juggling act.   There are a number of challenges including: Keeping up with the ever-changing fire codes Coordinating the maintenance and repairs of different fire and life safety systems Determining inspection frequencies and staying on schedule Meeting insurance requirements Keeping up with facility changes   Technology continues to play a crucial role in the fire and life safety industry and therefore the line between all of your different fire and Continue reading →